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The fees

Doctor Guillaume GREFFE works in Sector 2 «Contract with free fees». For the intervention programmed and rated by the Social Security, he will ask you for an overpayment of fees. Thus, it will act in accordance with the procedure authorized by the Convention for all takeovers.

What is the procedure?

Generally speaking, he will fix the amount of the excess according to the type of intervention and the level of your supplementary social security cover. This overrun will therefore be adapted to each situation and will be applied «tactfully and with measure», in accordance with the recommendations.

A quote for the fee overrun will be given to you during the first consultation. Then, you can immediately submit it to your Mutual to know the amount refunded.

Settlement and reimbursement

For the intervention performed you will pay the fee overrun on the day or the day before your release. Then we’ll give you a bill of fees. This will indicate the date of the transaction, the rating of the Social Security (Liability tariff) and the amount of the overrun.

If your contract provides for reimbursement of the excess, your mutual will ask for several documents:

  • the honoraria notes that will be given to you upon your release from the Clinic,
  • the “AMC” slip (Supplementary Health Insurance) that will be given to you on the day of the release or sent by mail by the Clinic’s billing department.

The repayment will therefore not take place immediately. As a result, the Surgeon may, if you wish, defer the bank deposit of your cheque, concerning the reimbursement by the mutual. For the remaining dependant (part of the overrun not covered by the mutual), there will be the possibility to calibrate the payment in several times with payment, notified by the patient at the desired dates.

In addition, the anesthesiologist will ask you for an overpayment. He will adjust his amount to the reimbursement rate of your mutual