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Griffes d’orteil et Cors


These are progressive deformations of one or more toes which cause painful conflicts in the lime by the appearance of corns or callus. The corns are located on the back of the toe, the callus on the plantar face. The initially reducible claws eventually lead to an irreducible stiffness of the toe. The 4 outer toes are concerned here, excluding the big toe.

The most common deformation is the claw of the 2nd toe in the hallux valgus. Also included are the interdigital corn or partridge eye and the specific deformations of the fifth toe. The patient can also consult for hypersupport lesions related to the claw.

The evaluation must be made to specify whether the toe claw has a cause (including tight shoes or heeled shoes), because its treatment will often be necessary with that of the claw. It essentially involves examining your foot, combined with simple x-rays.

To understand the principles of claw toes treatment, it is necessary to describe the different types of claw toes and their causes.