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Guide post opératoire

Post-operative instructions at the forefoot

Walk with the heel support shoe (Toeshoe). You will walk from the evening of the surgery, pressing the heel, not the operated area. Walk on a flat surface only, per short period (15 min maximum at a time).

Raise the leg horizontally as soon as you are seated. Count 3 hours in the day, 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour in the early and late afternoon. Sleep at night with a cushion under the foot or raise the bottom of the mattress.

Frost (Cryotherapy) the forefoot every two hours for 15 minutes. You will need to place a cold bag (such as frozen peas) on the bandage.

Mobilize the ankles, as often as possible, to avoid venous congestion and thus the risk of phlebitis.
Mobilize the first 2 toes, every 2 hours, as described on the site (“post-operative planning”, then “foot rehabilitation”).

For the morning toilet, first put the «Toeshoe» shoe, then shower sitting on a stool, with the leg elongated outside the shower and resting on a stool.

Redo the bandage yourself, every two days, using the prescribed products on the prescription that was given to you upon leaving the Clinic.

Take two tablets of painkillers (Palliate 2, or intermediate between paracetamol and morphine), in the evening at bedtime, for about a week (if necessary).

Baths in cold, salty water, as soon as the “crusts” of the scar have fallen.

Driving is authorised from the moment of full support (around the 4th week).