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Your stay in clinic

Before the intervention

Pre-anesthesia consultation and registration

It is mandatory and must be done between 2 months and 48 hours before the operation. During this session, the anaesthetist doctor will examine you in general. Then, he will introduce you to the various anaesthetic techniques.
Then, the secretary of the «Pre-admissions» will carry out your hospitalization file (Vital Card or Social Security certificate; the «Informed Consent»; proof of residence; choice of the particular room or not).

Postoperative shoe

You will pick up the post-operative shoe(s) with heel support («Toeshoe») from the pharmacist.

The work stoppage

It will be given to you, upon request, at the beginning of your hospitalization. It usually lasts between one and a half and two and a half months.


The intervention

With premedication, you will be relaxed when the stretcher-bearer takes you to the operating room. The intervention will take place under ‘popliteal or ankle and foot block‘, the technique most often used, and will last about one hour per foot.


After the operation: the operating suites

Post-operative pain

Foot surgery should not be too painful for you to move your toes quickly. If the usual protocol prescribed by the anesthesiologist is not immediately sufficient, there are other medications that will be given to you if you report it to the nurse.

The maximum experience of pain is experienced by the patients when the loco-regional anesthesia awakens. Unfortunately, we can’t predict this one, because some will be at 2:00 in the morning, others at 6:00 or 10:00. Besides, you don’t wake up 30 minutes before when you’re sleeping to take a hide.

Fight against edema

You will need to lie down, feet raised, apart from meals, toilet and time needed to walk a few steps into the room or hallway with the shoes with a support heel. thus, it is recommended 3 hours in the day, and the raised foot at night.

The first lift

The mobilization of the foot and toes will be started with the help of the surgeon, the physiotherapist, or the nurse.


It may or may not be redone in the room by the nurse in the presence of your surgeon the day after the surgery and before you leave the Clinic.


Exit from the clinic

The surgeon will come to your room to inform you about the post-operative instructions, and hand you your prescriptions, work stoppage, sports dispensation, etc.
The outings take place in the evening in ambulatory, or in the morning from 10 o’clock, in case of overnight hospitalization. You will not be able to drive but you will be able to travel seated if the path is not too long.

If necessary, you will be ordered to return home by Light Medical Vehicle, or by ambulance.

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