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You are going to have surgical operation in France.

You will spend one or two nights at the Trocadero clinic  (https://www.trocadero-cliniques-paris.fr) : the night after your intervention at least. For previous days and following you must remember to book a hotel (do not hesitate to contact us if necessary).

It is best to stay in France at least 10-15 days after the procedure, so that your surgeon can make a correct follow-up and see you at least twice during this period.

On your arrival you will have several appointments (these appointments must be paid directly to each contributor and are not part of the estimate cost that only concerns the surgical act, anesthesia and hospitalization costs):

  • With the surgeon
  • If you did not do your x-rays, with the X-ray office (thank you to let us know so that we organize the appointment)
  • In the medical analysis laboratory (thank you to give us the address of your hotel so that we find the laboratory closest to it)
  • With the anesthetist

The day of the intervention you will refocus with your surgeon who will also come to see you the evening of the intervention, then the next morning and next day morning if necessary.

We will set you two postoperative appointments (to pay the days of consultation) and give you instructions to strictly follow.

After your departure you will have to

  • have your bandages made by a nurse according to the instructions given to you by your surgeon.
  • have two follow-up video appointments (a procedure will be communicated to you to connect and to regulate the consultation) with your surgeon who remains available, and you will have to send him photographs of your feet once a week until complete cicatrization.

Throughout this period your surgeon can be reached on his cell phone and email docteurgreffe@clinique-pied.com.

Dr. Greffe is at your disposal for any questions.