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The foot

The foot

Docile servant, often neglected or even despised, the foot reminds us when it becomes painful and/or deformed.

Therefore the foot, the only contact with the ground, is first a sensory organ, then an organ of support and movement.

Hence this objective: to apprehend the space (standing station) then to move there (walk, run).

On the whole, the control of the normal function of the foot (and of the walking) requires a good knowledge of its anatomy, of its biomechanics, of all its clinical symptomatology.

At last, it also depends on the shoes wearing and the preventive and curative treatments of the pathologies encountered.

Thus, these diseases involve the expertise of several often complementary “specialists”:

  • doctor (general practitioner, sports doctor, etc.),
  • orthopedic foot surgeon,
  • infiltrator physician,
  • rheumatologist,
  • radiologist,
  • podiatrist,
  • pedicure,
  • orthopedic shoemaker
  • physiotherapist,
  • osteopath
  • etc…