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Hallux valgus

Recurrence of Hallux valgus

In our center, it is common to see new patients consult for recurrence of a hallux valgus, or an aggravation of pain after surgery. Most often, the situation is complex, with patients “psychologically traumatized” by the failure of the first intervention.

In most cases, fortunately there was a first not optimal surgery. In this case, it is easier to obtain an improvement. However, you should not wait for the same result as for an act practiced in first intention. The main goal is to get you to walk again without pain.
Unfortunately the bones of the foot are small, and do not allow multiple surgery like hip, or knee.

The main reasons for consultation are:

  • too much shortening of the hallux with displaced pain on the lateral metatarsal heads.
  • long-distance recurrence (often insufficient osteotomy to rectify the first metatarsal axis).
  • a screw that is too long or interfere with the shoe. It is also advisable not to remove material at the lower limb for 12 to 18 months.

Remember to bring back in consultation for recurrence of hallux valgus or post-surgical pain, x-ray exams before/after, and to recover your operating report (brand of the material).

Some examples with intraarticular screws, shortening of the big toe with lateral metatarsal bones too long, lack of correction of the inter-metatarsal angle.