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Haglund (syndrome or disease of)

Haglund’s syndrome, or Haglund’s disease (1928), is an ossification of the postero-superior surface of the calcaneum (heel bone).

This ossification is painful because it irritates the Achilles tendon. Also, there may be a bursitis, inflammation of the serous bursa next to the tendon (a bursa is used to slide the tendons without rubbing). It can also be this swelling which is annoying in the shoe, or pain in sports practice.

In case of failure of the medical treatment (anti-inflammatory, soles, adaptation of the shoes wearing, infiltrations), it is possible to propose a surgical treatment. This consists of an abrasion of the ossification, with minor visible signs, most often.

Sometimes, especially in the case of cavus feet, a bony triangle can be resected in the calcaneum (Zadek osteotomy), with longer suites.