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Tendinitis of Anterior and posterior Tibial Tendon

The anterior tibial muscle inserts on the tibia, bone located on the inner side of the leg. It ends in tendons that fit on the medial cuneiform and the 1st metatarsal bone for the anterior. The posterior tibial muscle inserts on the tibia and fibula, and ends in tendons that fit mainly on the bones of the tarsus.

The tendinitis of the anterior leg, manifests itself in anterior pain and swelling at running. That of the posterior tibial is manifested by a pain behind the internal malleolus and at the plantar arch at exertion then at rest.

The solicitation of these tendons will trigger pain during the examination. you may be ordered an ultrasound or MRI to confirm the diagnosis.

The treatment is medical with rest, frosting, anti-inflammatory (in case of tendon thickening), physiotherapy, and possibly soles. Infiltrations are carried out with caution (tendino-toxicity of corticosteroids). Surgery usually involves the rupture of the posterior tibial tendon.