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The synostoses constitute real bone bridges, which will stiffen the existing mobility between 2 bones, causing reduced mobility and pain. There may also be instability, falls, or a flat foot. These are disorders that occur in early adolescence and are therefore growing.

At the ankle and foot level, we find mainly synostoses:

  • between talus (mid-ankle bone), and calcaneus (heel bone), internal localization
  • between calcaneus and navicular bone (bone downstream of the calcaneum on the inner slope), in the antero-external position most often.

A scanner or MRI will be prescribed after standard x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. At first we try a medical treatment: soles, anti-inflammatory, sports stoppage. In case of failure, we can offer you a surgical treatment, which consists either of a fusion of the 2 joint surfaces in contact (arthrodesis), or the simple resection of the bone bridge.