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Sesamoids (inflammation/fracture)

A sesamoid bone is a small bone within a tendon. It exists both at the level of the hands, of the knee (patella), and the feet. At the foot level they are located under the head of the first metatarsal (entangled with the big toe flexors). They act as a “pulley”, allowing the body to act like lever arms.

The main lesion is a “stress fracture”, which occurs in the case of repeated micro-trauma (running). The fact that they are in two parts (bi partita) may reflect an anomaly in growth, but not necessarily a fracture.

There may also be inflammations, fractures on actual trauma, and degenerative lesions.

The treatment usually relies on wearing shoes to support heel. In the event of a failure, it is possible to propose an exegesis of it, without long-term functional consequences