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Ankle conflicts (anterior, posterior, and lateral)

It is an intra-articular obstacle, hindering the mobility of the ankle joint. This joint concerns the tibia, fibula, calcaneum, and astragalus. This may be a bone fragment (fracture or osteophytes of osteoarthritis), or a soft tissue (such as a distended ligament).

The anterior conflict is manifested by pain prior to ankle mobilization, often in the context of recurring sprains. The external localization evokes a tissue cause, internal rather than a bone cause. The evaluation includes standard x-rays, supplemented by an MRI or Arthro-scanner. In case of tissue damage, we try to infiltrate corticosteroids under ultrasound control. In case of failure, or case of bone conflict, a surgical action is proposed under arthroscopy.

The posterior ankle conflict concerns the bones of the calcaneum or tibia with the astragal. It typically occurs when you tiptoe. The management principles are the same as for the anterior conflict.